Revived Focus on LGBTQ Candidates and Causes

    • Commitment to BLM, protecting the trans community, and stopping AAPI hate 
    • The Stonewall riots were in response to an oppressive, police surveillance state, and trans people of color fought on the frontlines of the decades-long struggle for civil rights for our community. Now, these groups are under attack, and our namesake imparts upon us a unique responsibility to that movement. We are not free till all of us are free.


    • Change is good for democracy. Diverse, fresh voices are needed in leadership to push the Democratic Party and the club into the future during this crucial time in American history.
    • Term limits are needed to ensure that we constantly allow for new, fresh, young blood to take the reins and lead. This is good for the club. Having leaders who run for three and four consecutive unopposed terms limits our potential to grow.
    • Stonewall is evolving to have broader relevance within the community. There’s new momentum behind the work that we’re doing. Change in leadership is healthy so that the representation of this organization is reflective of the people we’re trying to include, in terms of skill sets as well as personal diversity.


    • Reviewing our existing bylaws and processes to ensure that they are transparent and provide for accountability.
    • Review the ways in which our organization has blind spots that are not in keeping with the constantly evolving nature of the LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter movements.

Unity and Growth Through Diversity

    • Expand our outreach to trans, lesbian, and LGBTQ+ BIPOC communities.
    • Develop and grow our relationships and influence, particularly outside of West Hollywood in underserved communities, and build coalitions with partner organizations that work towards a similar purpose.
    • Create a safe and welcoming space for all members of the community and allies, particularly those who are still marginalized and overlooked.