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Economic Dignity


The cost of housing has become unsustainable in the State of California, driven by a lack of access to affordable housing solutions, stagnant wages, and soaring costs. Students and seniors are the fastest-growing population of homeless people in the state. This is a moral failure. Let’s pass legislative tenant and eviction protections to prevent people from slipping into homelessness, housing stabilization subsidies for our most vulnerable neighbors, reform the state’s Costa Hawkins law to empower cities to implement rent control ordinances, and build more affordable housing to increase supply and drive down costs.

Small Business Owners

Small business owners are at the heart of the American dream, and COVID-19 hit California small businesses hard, with more than a third of them closing. Let’s make it easier for American families to start and maintain their own businesses.

Public Schools and Teachers

A quality education should not be reserved only for the wealthy, and public schools are at the very center of every person’s ability to achieve their own potential. Many families struggle and sacrifice so their children can live in neighborhoods with access to good schools. Let’s ensure our public schools are adequately funded and our underpaid and overworked teachers get a raise.

Health Care and Mental Health

Healthcare Access

Health care is a human right, and making sure that all Californians have access to quality healthcare is our responsibility. We must ensure our most vulnerable, including our seniors and disabled neighbors and loved ones, do not fall through the cracks. A single-payer healthcare model will free up disposable income for working families and save the state potentially hundreds of billions of dollars a year while improving health outcomes across the board.

Mental Health

Post-COVID, we are seeing a rise in hate crimes, gun violence, and mental health crisis. Investing in mental health needs to be a priority. We can start by building on recent reforms to Medical/Medicaid known as CalAIM, which enable us to provide capitated funding directly to state doctors and relevant County governments, not to managed care providers.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Every person has been touched in some way by drug and alcohol addiction, especially in the wake of the COVID crisis. Rather than criminalize it, let’s invest in wrap-around rehabilitation services and end the taboo associated with addiction.

Climate Change

No Gas & Oil Money Pledge

In order to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and bring costs for consumers down, our elected officials must take bold action on climate change, and we can start by pledging to not take campaign contributions from the same gas and oil lobbies that are holding us back from meaningful progress.

Electrify Homes, Schools, and Public Buildings

Bring consumer costs down and reduce gas emissions by incentivizing a transition away from natural gas and towards heat pumps and electric appliances in homes and public buildings.

Fast Track Solar, Wind, and EVs

Let’s create additional incentives for purchasing Electric Vehicles here in California and make those practical by incentivizing EV chargers, especially in low-income and multi-family housing and workplaces. Let’s incentivize solar on already-degraded spaces like parking lots, canals, and buildings instead of pristine environment. Let’s modernize the California infrastructure and ensure a just transition for our fossil workforce by creating good-paying clean energy union jobs that deploy solar and wind in this district and across the state.

Woman. Life. Freedom.

The movement for the liberation of oppressed people is intersectional and nonpartisan. I vow to take the fight for a free Iran to Sacramento and have called for a ceasefire in Gaza. I will always advocate for marginalized communities here at home, especially as hate against our Asian American, Jewish, LGBTQ+, and Black neighbors is on the rise.

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Join us in Irvine, CA every Saturday and Sunday to help knock on doors and get the word out about our historic campaign. Please sign up to bring a friend!

Making History

Iranian Irvine Native and LGBTQ+ Civic Leader Alex Mohajer Announces Historic Bid for Irvine City Council District 2

39-year-old Irvine native Alex Mohajer is announcing his historic campaign for the Irvine City Council in District 2, representing the Great Park, Woodbury, and parts of the Irvine Spectrum area. 

If elected, he will be the first Iranian and first openly LGBTQ+ person elected to the City Council, and one of its youngest members, as well as the the first openly gay Iranians elected anywhere in the world

Mohajer attended Irvine K-12 public schools and community college before attending UC Berkeley for his undergraduate education. He returned to Orange County to attend Chapman University School of Law, where he graduated with a J.D. in 2011. For the past 10 years, he has been working in civil service advocacy, trying administrative hearings related to discrimination, sexual harassment, and protected class status.

Mohajer is a lifelong LGBTQ+ activist and civic leader, and in 2021 he was elected President of the Stonewall Democrats, one of the nation’s oldest LGBTQ+ political advocacy organizations. 

K-12 Public School and Community College Graduate from Irvine, CA

B.A. from UC Berkeley
J.D. from Chapman University School of Law

LGBTQ+ Civic Leader and Lifelong Activist and Organizer

Public Servant with a career fighting discrimination in the workplace

K-12 public school and community college graduate from Irvine, CA

B.A. from UC Berkeley
J.D. from Chapman University School of Law

LGBTQ+ Civic Leader
Lifelong Activist and Organizer

Public servant with a career fighting discrimination in the workplace

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Paid for by Alex Mohajer for City Council 2024. ID# 1467953.
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