“Follow the Money” Campaign Ad Drops

December 6, 2023

“If you want to know why we haven’t seen more progress in our elected politics, just look at the money. Follow the money,” says Alex Mohajer, candidate for California State Senate in the 37th Senate District, in a new digital ad that premiered on Wednesday.

Today, our campaign is proud to announce that on top of the Patients over Profits pledge, the no Corporate PAC money pledge, and the no Fossil Fuels money pledge, we are taking the No Big Tech money pledge.

We pledge that we will not accept any contributions over $200 from the corporate PAC’s, lobbyists, or executives at Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft. These companies have used their monopoly power to stifle competition, destroy small businesses, and hurt everyday Americans. Candidates across the political spectrum are signing the pledge to show their constituents that they stand with them — and not with Big Tech monied interests. We are proud to join them.

WATCH “Follow the Money”:


Follow the money! I’m running for CA State Senate here in Orange County, and I’m not taking a dime of special interest money to do it. Join our movement! #orangecounty #democrats #california #politics #campaign #statesenate #alexforca #alexmohajer

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