Statement in Support of the Orange Unified School District Recall

February 20, 2024

Voters in Orange, CA will have the option on their March 5th, 2024 primary ballot to recall Orange Unified School District Trustees Rick Ledesma and Madison Miner. I believe it is imperative to protect our public schools and the children of the OUSD school system to recall these individuals in favor of increased transparency and restored order and sanity to OUSD.

I have appeared before the OUSD school board meetings personally to give public comment against some of the shocking and harmful anti-LGBTQ+ policies being proposed by this extremist majority. Ledesma and Miner have brought chaos to the Board in service of a far-right agenda that has nothing to do with our schools, including but not limited to attempting to censor libraries, steal facility repair funds for personal projects, sell out needed school sites to faith-based charters at deep discounts, and discriminate against special needs and LGBTQ students. President Ledesma illegally changed meeting agendas on the fly and invited outside agitators in to box out concerned parents and turn meetings into a headline-grabbing battleground.

School Districts aren’t the place for ideological demagoguery,  and the OUSD has turned into a circus. The only people this harms are our kids. As I campaign to become the State Senator for portions of Orange, CA, I want to urge my supporters to vote YES on the recall. For more information, visit


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